Frequently Asked Questions

Although each matter is unique, our clients often start with some of the same questions. Here are answers to some of the questions that we commonly receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

I see that your attorneys are licensed in California, Texas and Colorado, do you also handle transactions in my state?

Since forming in 2002, The Cutler Law Firm has assisted clients in almost all 50 states. Each situation is unique, but for transactional matters, this is usually accomplished by having local counsel available to assist with any aspects of the transaction that are purely related to local law. We can usually provide a good sense of what those local law aspects are likely to be before we are engaged.

How much will this cost and how do you bill for your services?

Depending on the nature of the matter, we either bill on an hourly fee basis or on a fixed fee basis. For hourly matters, we usually are able to provide an estimated range of how much we anticipate the total fees will run. There is a monthly ‘pay as you go’ component for fixed fee matters, with the balance due at closing.

Who will be working on my matter?

For smaller matters, we usually assign one of our attorneys to handle the entire matter, although it is common for us to coordinate internally whenever any unusual questions or circumstances arise. For larger matters such as practice sales, we tend to work as a team with multiple attorneys assisting through the process.

How long will this take?

The time involved can vary significantly depending on factors such as the complexity of the matter, the responsiveness of opposing parties and their counsel, and the cooperation (or lack thereof!) of any third parties whose involvement is required. We understand that timeliness and responsiveness are important to almost all of our clients, and so we routinely make responsiveness a priority.